Alexandra: Christopher Columbus

Giacomo: Blackbeard

Azuhura: Blackbeard

Michael: Christopher Columbus

Beat: Marco Polo

Svenja: Sir Frances Drake

Nathan: Henrie Hudson

Ossian: Calico Jack Rackham

Lisa: Magellan

Samantha: Charles Darwin

Linus: Vasco de Gama

Zach: Drake

Fraser: James Cook

Toni: Christopher Columbus

Caroline: Blackbeard

Tina: Abel Janszoon Tasman

Rachel: da Verazano

Tomohiro: Drake

Ruben: Magellan


Anis: Magellan

Vitoria: Henrie Hudson

Orell: Edward England

Sheena: Magellan

23 of April: Helpful videos

19th of April: Websites to help you with your research:

18th of April : Article on Ships

14th of April:

Early Navigational Methods Reading

The world changed dramatically with the Scientific Revolution and the Age of Exploration. New inventions allowed European explorers to sail around the globe. They found new continents and began to see what the shape of the world was really like. Contacts between distant peoples and lands changed societies and economies around the world.

3rd of April: Scavenger Hunt for the Treasure of Knowledge!

  1. Who was Diego Bermudez, and what did he have to do with Christopher Columbus?
  2. What did Henry the Navigotor do in 1416?
  3. When did Columbus arrive in the Americas?
  4. Who sailed around the tip of South America? When?
  5. What were the consequences for Copericus for developing his theory of the sun-centered solar system?
  6. What did Galileo use his telescope for?
  7. What does Sir Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica have to do with sailing?
  8. How did the explorations of the European Explorers create a new economic system called Capitalism?
  9. How did explorers benefit from the accomplishments of Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler?
  10. Which invention by Galileo benefitted the explorers the most?

Here is your list of "undertakings" that you need to accomplish for the Captain's Log project:

Here are your worksheets for the "Exploration Webquest". One for the first day in the computer lab, and a second one for the second day in the computer lab. For any work that you do not complete, consider it homework: